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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What clients does Crystal Clear Professional Organizing serve?
A: Busy families, professionals, retirees, and seniors that struggle to maintain organization in their home and need some assistance clearing clutter! 

Q: When is the best time to hire Crystal Clear Professional Organizing?

A: When you are sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by clutter or disorganization in your home. Simply don’t know where to begin, lack of motivation to declutter on your own and would benefit from Crystal Clears professional expertise and objective third-party perspective to guide and assist you through the process. Also important, is your mindset and being ready for a change to live with less in your home. Less stuff. Less stress.

Q: Why hire Crystal Clear Professional Organizing?

A: Hiring Crystal Clear can help you achieve your organizational goals more efficiently, effectively and help save you time and stress by creating a space that’s clutter free, welcoming, and easy to maintain with less. We work with you to declutter, eliminate unnecessary items, and create functional systems that work for your unique needs and lifestyle. Additionally, we can provide tips and support to help you maintain organization and prevent future clutter. You are worth the time, investment, and energy that decluttering and organizing requires.

Q: How much time will it take?

A: That very much depends on the client and the space. Factors include; if they are quick at making decisions to keep, donate, or discard each item, like to share stories about the items we’re working through, and how many items are in the space all together. We will go through everything in that space. I will say it takes longer to do it right, it will be messier, before it gets better, but it’s worth knowing the things you are keeping are what you use, love and want to take up space in your home. The rest is clutter that isn't serving you at all in your season of life.

Q: Does the client have to be involved?

A: The client can be as involved as they would like. Totally up to the client! Sometimes I have clients that want in on the fun and to help it go faster and that is great! Others are hiring Crystal Clear because they don’t want to do the work or aren’t physically able to and that is ok as well. The client can be sitting comfortably while the organizer sorts, asks questions and puts the final touches on the organizing.

Q: What does a session consist of?

A: Included but not limited to; sorting, decluttering, downsizing, measuring, coaching, bagging and boxing donations, organizing, styling, staging, unpacking, referring product recommendations, loading donations, hauling donations and dropping them off.

Q: Does Crystal Clear Professional Organizing maintain client confidentiality and privacy?

A: Absolutely! Confidentiality and privacy are extremely important and that is something the client and Crystal Clear sign in the contracts before starting any project in their home. The client is being vulnerable allowing Crystal Clear in their home and Crystal Clear is someone they can trust. The client’s information will not be shared at all.

Q: How do I get started to see if Crystal Clear Professional Organizing and I are a good fit?

A: Click HERE, where you will be asked to fill out your information and answer a couple of questions. Once complete, submit the form and you will be able to schedule a free consultation, which will be a video call to discuss your project and your space. Sessions are very limited and go fast! 

Q: Does Crystal Clear Professional Organizing charge a travel fee?

A: 30 minutes is included each way from Carlock, IL (near Bloomington/Normal). Anything over that is deducted in 0.25 increments (15 minutes) from your individual 4-hr session or 12-hr package both ways. Google maps is used to determine how long it will take to drive from Carlock, IL.

Q: When it might be time to work with someone other than Crystal Clear Professional Organizing?

A: Crystal Clear is not qualified or trained to work with individuals with a hoarding disorder. The clients Crystal Clear works with may be disorganized and have some tendencies, but they do not have a hoarding disorder.

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