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Hi, I'm Crystal,


Stress-paralyzed and overwhelmed by all the stuff in your home?

I hear you because that used to be me as well. I'm married to my amazing husband and we have two busy teenage boys. Our house was so cluttered and chaotic. Stuff was EVERYWHERE, it was too much and I needed to make a change.

After completely decluttering our home and helping family and friends do the same, it became "crystal clear" that I had a gift to share with others. It was then that I turned my passion into my profession by starting my own business to help others clear clutter in their homes.

A couple years after starting my own business I was diagnosed with adult ADHD. It was mind-blowing, but made complete sense! In order for me to function better in my home environment I had to intentionally decide to live with less. I have a more minimal approach to counters and surfaces being cleared and having less. Cabinets and drawers aren't crammed as full and have breathing room. I need a calmer environment to thrive to be the best version of myself.


I know organization can be a struggle for many, especially ADHDers, but it is my hyper focus. I've devoted my profession to helping others with their clutter and disorganization. Clutter kicks my brain into overdrive and I want to help clear clutter in as many homes as possible.  I know all the positive benefits and impact it has had on me and I want that for others if they desire the same thing and are willing to let go whether they have ADHD or not. Clearing clutter in your home is a journey and a journey I would be honored and privileged to help you with. 

Disorganization really does come at a price and affects our well being. It drains us mentally, physically, emotionally and puts a strain on us financially. It's not just physical clutter that takes a toll on us.

As your decluttering expert and organizing specialist, I truly enjoy coming up with personalized solutions and systems that fit your personality and lifestyle so that you can function better in your home with less.  

If you need help clearing clutter, it brings me so much joy helping transform your space from cluttered and chaotic to calm and organized.

Less Stuff...Less Stress


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Take a listen to a podcast I was a guest on called Cleaning Out the Clutter with Crystal Larkin on No More Perfect Podcast with Jill Savage.

Cleaning Out the Clutter with Crystal Larkin | Episode 139Jill Savage
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